The University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study (Ubias) is receiving submissions for the 4th Intercontinental Academia whose theme is Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.

In this edition, a meeting held in virtual format, in June 2021, and two immersion meetings are scheduled. The first scheduled to October 2021 in Paris and the second to June 2022 in Belo Horizonte. The French Network of Advanced Institutes and the Institute of Advanced Transdisciplinary Studies at UFMG are responsible for the organization.

Early/mid-career researchers with doctorate and fluency in English can apply. Applications from candidates who hold a research post in academia, industry, charity, arts or other organizations, which are equivalent to academic post of Lecturer or above, or holders of a Principal Investigator Fellowship, are accepted.

Applications and informal enquiries should be submitted to until March 15, 2021. All communication will be conducted in English.

At the meetings, both in Paris and Belo Horizonte, selected candidates to join ICA4 will have the chance to discuss research topics with a notable group of mentors, who were previously invited to participate in this edition of the Intercontinental Academia.

Access the ICA4 Call below: CALL for fellows – Intercontinental Academia

UBIAS Network
The UBIAS network was created in 2010 and currently groups about 50 Institutes of Advanced Studies worldwide. The network aims to promote an environment for the exchange of experiences between researchers from different areas, cultures and formations creating a productive space for innovative research. One of the most successful initiatives of the UBIAS network is the Intercontinental Academia (ICA) where scientific exchange between generations, disciplines, cultures and continents takes place around a major theme.

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