Information: Scientific round table “Electrochemical transformation of energy and its storage”

The KASA’s Section of Natural Sciences will organize, the scientific round table

“Electrochemical transformation of energy and its storage”

on 31th May 2023, on the premises of KASA.

In this international scientific table, the main focus will be on the electrochemical energy conversion and storage systems which nowadays represent a very important research area that try to find an environmental friendly and sustainable solution for increased energy demand. Main devices of such systems are: batteries, various electrolyzers, fuel cells, photovoltaics and supercapacitors as well and their operation mechanism is mainly based on redox reactions. Batteries enable not only the storage of electricity but also the reduction of the amount of CO2 that is released from the means of transport whether electric cars will be used.

The scientific round table will discuss, among other things, the following topics:
the different types of batteries,
materials electrodes and water electrolysis,
hydrogen production and its use in fuel cells,
hybrid systems, etc.

Submission of abstracts
The presentations should be prepared in Albanian or English. The abstracts for the round table should be submitted at the following email address: The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 30 April 2023. The abstracts should be written in Albanian or English. You can find attached a template of an abstract. The selection of presentations for the round table will be made based on their quality and relevance to the topic.

Organizing Council:
Prof. Isuf Krasniqi. Academician. President
Prof. Fejzullah Krasniqi, Academician, Member
Prof. Fetah PODVORICA, associate member, Member
Prof. Myzafere LIMANI, associate member, Member
Prof. Enver Hamiti, University of Prishtina

On behalf of the Organizing Council,
Prof. Fetah Podvorica